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Why Montezuma

Montezuma is a small town on the Nicoya Peninsula situated between two nature reserves with the splendor of the Pacific Ocean in the background. Virgin jungles and wild beaches are welcoming you. 


Montezuma began as a small fishing village and is now a multicultural town full of art, creativity and community life. Bathed with nights of fire, music and people from all over the world, Montezuma is an idyllic place to forget about the world and feel life in community and harmony with nature. The mornings greet you with some of the best sunrises on this planet. Monkeys, agoutis or coatis, the noise of the howler monkeys during the day and then the beginning of the night magic.

Artisans, fisherman, liberal and multicultural people, will receive you with a sincere and warm "Pura Vida" in this small Costa Rican town.

We are surrounded by the Cabo Blanco National Park, the oldest in Central America, and the Nicolás Wessberg Absolute Reserve. The majestic jungle will take you to dream.

And what about the wild beaches, some wonderful for surfing like Cedros Beach only 200 meters from our logde.

Montezuma awaits you full of surprises and a different way of life. We are looking forward to showing you this little piece of heaven on earth.

       Welcome to this little paradise !


General information

Distance to the beach 200 mt.                         Distance to Playa Manchas 2 km

Distance to Montezuma 3.2 km                       Distance to Playa Grande 4.1 km

Distance to Cabuya 3.7 km                              Distance to Playa de Montezuma 3.2 km

Distance to Cobano 10.7 km                           Distance to Playa Hermosa 21 km

Parque Natural de Cabo Blanco 4.8 km      Distance to Reserva Absoluta N. Wessberg 4 km

Playa Tambor airport: 26.4 km                      Distance to Cemetery Island 3.7 km

Contact us 

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